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Halcrow Duct Cleaning is a nationwide service specialising in the cleaning and maintenance of HVAC systems in the Commercial, Industrial, Medical, and Hospitality sectors.

We are the only company operating in this field to use fully trained and qualified HVAC engineers, thus ensuring a truly professional service which yields accurate, comprehensive and cost-effective results on every project we undertake.

As our sister company Halcrow Engineering manufactures and installs such systems, we are more than aware of what comprises each system and how each component behaves mechanically and chemically over time. This leads to a comprehensive understanding of the required maintenance cycles and procedures.

Kitchen Extraction/Canopy systems need to be maintained on a regular basis. Many people in the catering industry are not aware of the hazards that are building up in their kitchen extraction systems and ducting.

High profile fires, increasing pressure from Insurance Companies and new fire regulations have prompted the need to have systems cleaned thoroughly by qualified engineers.

Air ducts and air handling plant can become contaminated with grease, dust, fibres and microbial contaminants if not properly maintained. EU directives state “mechanical ventilation systems including air conditioning systems, should be regularly and properly cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure they are kept clean and free from anything that may contaminate the air.”
It is a legal requirement to keep air handling plants and ducts clean.


Duct Cleaning Services

Site Survey/ Inspection

Provide a detailed photographic report, including micron levels

Complete fan maintenance and overhaul service

Installation of access panels where necessary

Proposal of costs and requirements to clean the system

The setup and management of a cleaning schedule for multiple sites

Usage Hours per Day Cleaning Frequency
Heavy Use
12-16 hours per day
3 monthly
Moderate Use
6-12 hours per day
6 monthly
Light Use
2-6 hours per day
12 monthly

The heart of the problem is that ductwork can be difficult to access and often only the areas that can be seen are the  areas that are cleaned. Legislation governing Health & Safety compliance in commercial properties is constantly evolving. Over the years it has changed dramatically putting even more responsibility on business owners to safeguard their staff and customers.

The law requires that the business owner or the responsible person carries out a documented Health & Safety Risk Assessment each year, paying particular attention to potential fire hazards like build-up of grease and dirt that accumulates within kitchen extraction systems and ductwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is simply cleaning the fans enough? –
What lifespan can I expect from them?

We don’t simply clean the fans, we are fully trained and qualified HVAC Engineers. We completely overhaul them back to a state of perfect mechanical working order.

 This involves the removal, dismantling, deep-cleaning, re-balancing, reassembly and recommissioning.

What are the Insurance implications?

In the unfortunate event that you have a fire in your premises,

your Insurance Company may decline to honour the policy if you do not hold a valid and current certificate of maintenance of your HVAC system.

This certificate needs to comply with HVAC TR-19 Guidelines and must be issued by a registered and qualified company, such as Halcrow Duct Cleaning within the last insurance period.

Why do I need to have the ductwork cleaned as well? – Surely the fans will blow all the debris through?

As the fans become contaminated with grease, dust and other airborne contaminants, they become less efficient. This in turn means that the ductwork will retain some of these contaminants. Over time, this problem increases exponentially and becomes extremely hazardous. Routine cleaning will alleviate this issue

How often should my kitchen’s extraction system be cleaned?

This depends on the level and type of usage your system experiences.

Typically, cleaning and maintenance is required every 12 months, but if you have heavy usage, this could be as frequent as every 2 months.

Regular maintenance will significantly reduce the risk of a fire starting in your Kitchen Canopy Extraction System.This will also control the risk of fire spreading throughout your building via the ductwork.

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